March 26, 2012


This just so happens to be my 100th post... to me, it seems like 100 should have been forever ago, but then I realize that I actually only think about things to post about, and these thoughts hardly ever get translated into words, hence my, um... two week absence? Here are some things that I've been meaning to post about...

Spring Break! WooHoo!

  • Spring Break was fantastic. We didn't do anything extravagant, but it was amazing to be able to spend a whole week with each other.
  • On the first day of spring break, we went to the outlets in Park City! I got an awesome new pair of running shorts, and a pair of yoga pants! I'm a happy girl.
  • After I was all shopped-out, we went to the Park City Pizza Co., a delicious little pizza place that we went on our honeymoon. It was as delicious as we remembered.
  • Tyler went snowboarding on Tuesday of spring break, I got a pedicure.
  • We went to two track meets during the week to watch Tyler's brother, Parker, dominate the competition.
  • We said goodnight to our nephew, Payton, and my sister told him to say goodnight to the "Landgrens," so, he did, but it came out as... "Goodnight Green Lanterns." Too funny.
  • We watched A LOT of family movies from when Tyler was a little kid. Now I have even more things to make fun of him for. In a playful, loving way of course.
  • We drove... a lot. We would do almost anything for family.

 Other things I've been meaning to tell you about...

  • I ran in a 5k last Saturday. I'm determined to be one of those people that completely loves running [I don't think that will ever happen]. I finished in about 32 minutes, and I'm okay with that. It was my longest run so far this year, and I haven't been running much (I'll regret this when I get even closer to my half marathon in June), so, I felt pretty good about it. I would've done better if I didn't have hills to run up.
  •  I know I've mentioned this before, BUT, I'm graduating in only SIX short weeks. If anybody knows of any public relations - related jobs, let me know. It will be the happiest Cinco de Mayo I have ever had.
  • I've been making more of the Pinterest recipes that I have pinned. I've been meaning to share them all with you, but, I'm just forgetful.

I'm sure there are A LOT of things that I have already forgotten, but, this is a blog, and I have the ability to post from virtually anywhere (via my phone, or from a computer). So, if I think of something SUPER important, I will be sure to post.

We are looking forward to General Conference this weekend! We just need to get through the school week first...

Happy Monday, everybody!!

P.S. Did you know that if you push ctrl + P it automatically posts? I didn't know that. So, there's a cool little fact for you today.

March 7, 2012

Tyler just really knows how to push my buttons...

I love my husband waaaay more than he loves me (haha Tyler, it's on the internet! It must be official), but sometimes he just really pushes my buttons. You would never know it because I'm laughing so hard at the time, and sometimes I actually do enjoy having my buttons pushed (just a little bit though).

One time that I didn't enjoy it though was when Tyler hid my our Valentine chocolate from my mom, and I just really really wanted some of it. For some reason, I actually started crying. I wasn't in the mood to look for it dang it, I just wanted to eat it. He thought he was hilarious.

Sometimes though, I just laugh and laugh and laugh, and it makes me love Tyler even more than I ever thought possible.

P.S. Sorry I'm crappy at taking pictures. I just kind of always forget... so here's a random one from a Sunday nap we took a while ago. Tyler and Tucker both slept... I just pretended.

Sometimes I feel really stupid...

There are a lot of moments in my life when something will happen, and I just think "I'm an idiot..." Here are a few examples of this:

This morning, I was reading my Twitter while I was still in bed. I went to roll over and I completely dropped my phone on my face.#ImAnIdiot #MorningFail

A couple of weeks ago, I got home from class, only to realize I had forgotten my keys. Sitting on my doorstep with my hood up and my gloves on reading my Kindle really made me look awesome that day. P.S. I was sitting out there for over an hour...

There are other times in my life when I know that Tyler is thinking I'm an idiot. Mostly when the M&M's "Sexy and I Know It" commercial comes on, and I start laughing and dancing. Also when the ASPCA commercials come on. You know, the really sad one with the really sad dogs and cats? Well, if I watch those, it is guaranteed that I will start crying. There are other times too though, like when I walk into the wall, or when I go to look out the window and hit my head on the glass, or when I almost fall out of bed while I'm WIDE AWAKE... yeah, the list goes on for a while.

So why did I post about this? I don't know. Because feeling like an idiot sure makes life funny? That sounds about right. I may have stupid quirks (just ask Tyler) but they make me laugh.

What makes you feel like an idiot?

Anytime I do something stupid around Tyler, somehow this scene from The Grinch always makes it into conversation. Maybe that's because I have just been thinking in movie scenes lately. Do you ever do that?