January 30, 2012

Today has been...

...a no good very very bad day. Okay, in comparison with other people's lives, my day has been fantastic, but it is just not living up to my expectations. I know that I can choose to be happy if I want, but sometimes the universe just seems to be against me. Class was okay this morning, but it is what happened after class that has really made me wish I could just go back to bed and start all over again. Or at least sleep until tomorrow... anyway... here's what has gone wrong. Mind you, I know that some of these things are trivial, but just go with it.

I have been super stressed lately about getting all of the credits I need to graduate this semester, not because I have a lot left, I just had to wait for things to fall into place. Which was nerve-wracking. So, I went to turn in my paperwork today after class and it turns out that I can't have two separate internships under the same course number. You see, I am already registered for two internships, and I was adding a third... I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. After being lectured about how it's up to me to make things happen, and basically since I'm a senior I should know better and how stuff like this isn't going to fly in the real-world, we got things worked out. Still, it was the breaking point. I made it home and had a meltdown...and got back into bed for about an hour.

Once I got out of bed, I did some dishes. Nothing bad here. But next is where it goes downhill... I decided to make a smoothie for lunch! So, I got out our Magic Bullet (that we bought for $16) and made my smoothie. Everything except for the ice blended nicely. Seriously? So, I decided to just forget about it and have a frothy, fruity drink.

I was still hungry, so I decided to have a piece of toast. The toast popped up, and of course, it was black on one side. Still, I put Nutella on it and it wasn't too bad.

I was getting ready to leave to come to work, and I was tracking the bus online so I wouldn't have to wait outside forever. As I was looking at my phone to find out how much time I had until the bus got to my stop, I heard the bus pull up. Ugh. The online tracker was behind by a couple of stops.

I know that these things are stupid, and that I should be grateful that I have a frothy fruity drink to drink, and some black toast to eat, and that my legs work so I can walk to school, and that I have a coat to keep me warm outside, but I've just passed the breaking point, and I'm not feeling too positive right now. Also, it is a great excuse to not go to the gym today. I'm afraid that if I go, I'll break my ankle or something.

Thanks for letting me rant, everybody. Kudos to you if you made it this far. I'm only human, and beings I'm at work and can't really complain to anybody, it feels good to just let it all out.

I hope you are all having a better Monday than I am!

January 26, 2012

Jazz Game!

For Christmas I got Tyler some tickets to last Saturday's Jazz game against the Timberwolves. Saturday was a really long day, but I'm just glad we made it out alive! Here's why:

Staff Meeting at 8:00 Saturday morning.
Drove to Bountiful. Went to Costco.
Drove to Weber State University. Watched Parker take 3rd place in the 200m.
Drove back to Bountiful.
Got stuck in the snow 3 times.
Decided to get (two) new tires.
Went to the Gateway and dinner at Wing Nutz with Shawn and Mary.
Went to the Jazz game.
Went to Hatch's for some ice cream. Delicious!
Drove home. The weather was much nicer this time around.
Finally went to bed.

It was great to spend some time with family this weekend, we just wish we could've had more time! Now for the exciting part... pictures!!

Had to snag a picture of the two of us together!
Not that this is the greatest picture I've ever taken, I just thought that the Jazz flag looked cool...

I feel like this is fairly self-explanatory...

Cool action shot? Maybe? Of course I would snap the picture as he's falling...

I was trying to get a cool picture... oh well.
Go Jazz!
Anyway... Merry Christmas Tyler! I guess Happy Valentine's Day too, a tire for each of us! Also, just to add some more excitement to this post... check out this video from the snow in Bountiful on Saturday. Be sure to watch it all the way to the end!

Happy Thursday everybody! Wishing you a more relaxing weekend than we had last weekend!

January 20, 2012

I guess it's about time...

Over the last month, I have had no desire to blog...at all. I just haven't felt like there has been much to say, at all. So, to return from my month-long vacation, I have decided to bring in some little letters!

Dear School/Internships, I would really really love it if I could get everything settled... It is my last semester of college, and I don't have the energy to not have this work out. Seriously though, lets just get this paperwork signed already. Sincerely, the girl who is sick of school.

Dear Christmas Break, Please come back! While it was an exhausting couple of weeks that included A LOT of driving between Bountiful and Sandy, it was fabulous! I'm always on-board with spending lots of time with family. Love, the girl who will never have a "Christmas Break" from school ever again, but mostly just loves being around family and friends.

Dear Criminology textbook, I really would like to read you, really. I have the best intentions, but every time I pick you up, I will read a page or two, and not remember ANYTHING that I have read. I'll keep trying. Thanks for being the rock in this relationship... Sincerely, I'm bored.

Dear Weather, What the heck?! You are confusing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the biggest lover of snow, I'm just confused. I hope this doesn't mean I'll have snow on my birthday in July. That would be weird. Also, you are making it tricky to train for the Utah Valley Half Marathon. Yep. You are too unpredictable. Just when I start thinking "Sure, I'll go for a run tomorrow..." you surprise me with snow the next morning. I guess that is a valid excuse to get out of my run...thanks for that. Love, the girl who should be training but keeps finding excuses.

Dear Christmas Presents, You are wonderful. The Wii from my parents has been AWESOME, there's nothing quite like watching over 120 episodes of How I Met Your Mother in just a couple of weeks, and beating Super Mario Bros. Wii since we've been back at school has been wonderful too... oops. Also, the trip to Maui from Tyler's parents has given me a vacation to look forward to. Thank you. Love, the girl who is excited to finally play Dr. Mario in Logan.

Dear Parents on Both Sides, Thank you for everything that you do for Tyler and me. We really appreciate it, and are so grateful that we have parents who care as much as you do. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! Love, Katie

Dear Tyler, I am excited to go to the Jazz game with you on Saturday night! You are the best husband I could ever ask for! You do the dishes, you play Mario with me, and you keep me warm at night, even though I have more blankets on top of me than you do. You're amazing, and I love you. Love, your Sweetie.