September 19, 2017

Oh, hello there!

I have been wanting to get back to writing for a while now, but haven't really been able to find the time, or the inspiration. It looks like it has been about two years since my last post, and I don't even know if anybody remembers me, or my blog. If not, that's okay. I just need some sort of simple outlet.

Anyway, since my last post, Tyler graduated and got a job, AND, we had a baby girl! Charly was born on February 2nd of this year, and our world has completely changed. I guess that makes me a "Mommy Blogger" now. Is that even a thing still? I'm not sure.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and baby, and I just want to share a little piece of our world!

September 29, 2015

Catching Up!

Hello! I know it has been a while... and I'm not going to promise that I'll write more often, because let's be honest, I never follow through with that. Today I'm writing mostly just for me, because I feel like writing. I'm not sure what to write about though. I guess I could give a little update on what's been going on for us in the last year...
  • Tyler is still in Physical Therapy school. He graduates this coming May though, and I am SO excited! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's so crazy to think that I have known him for six years now, and he has been in school the entire time. I've been out of school for as long as I was in school. It blows my mind that I've been graduated for 3 years...
  • I am currently not working... I had a bad stroke of luck at the beginning of this month and lost my job, so I'm currently trying my hardest to find something! 
  • I'm still doing CrossFit, and I'm loving it! It's so amazing to see what my body can do, and it's really cool to get faster and stronger. Plus, I have made some amazing friends at my gym!
  • I'm rereading the Harry Potter series, and you guys, it's so good! This isn't the first time that I've reread them, but I feel like they just get better and better each time. I could write a whole blog post just about Harry Potter, and I'm only in book 2 right now.
  • We are going to Puerto Rico in two weeks for vacation! Tyler's sister and her family live there, so we are going to go see them and have some fun for Tyler's last fall break, ever (from school anyway)! I'm hoping that I can get some really cool pictures, because it looks SO dreamy!
Some other fun things to note: We got a new niece in June, I went to Lava Hot Springs with my family in June  (Tyler had to work), we celebrated our FIFTH wedding anniversary on July 7th, Tyler's 27th birthday on July 12th, and my 25th birthday on July 25th! Really, things are super exciting around here!

Oh yeah, we also went for a hike this summer to Elephant Rock in Bountiful... see:

Mostly we're still just doing the same old thing around here! But, we have fun, and that's all that matters! Now, I need to go make some banana bread, and maybe clean my apartment... Have a happy Tuesday!

October 10, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like ... Halloween!

 ToYou guys! I made a craft! A Halloween craft! And I love it! You see, I don't have very many Halloween decorations, mostly because I don't have many places to put them, or store them, but I do enjoy getting them out every year. Last year I found this cute decoration on Pinterest, but didn't get around to making it until this year! It's super easy, so I don't know if it REALLY counts as a craft, because anybody could do it. I should've taken pictures of the process, but I didn't. Want to see what I made??

Here's how it happened:

1. I went to Walmart to buy my supplies. (Yarn and styrofoam cones. I borrowed some Elmer's glue and yarn from my mom too)
2. During the USU vs. BYU football game (GO AGGIES!) I glued a circle of white paper to the bottom of each cone so the foam wouldn't flake everywhere. 
3. Then, I put a line of elmer's glue all around the bottom for the yarn to stick  to. 
4. Then I just wound yellow yarn around and around and around until it looked like the base of a candy corn! Once I got to that point I just put some more glue on the cone to finish that section. 
5. I did the same thing with the Orange yarn. You just keep winding yarn until you think it looks good. 
6. The white tip was probably the hardest part. I covered the tip with glue, and put strips of yarn across the top until I couldn't see the cone underneath. I really only had to do one layer really carefully. Then I just wound the white yarn around like I did the other sections, but to finish it off this time, I think I tied a little knot, then hid the end of the yarn underneath other strands. There's probably a better way to finish it, so you can just do what you like. 

Now, for some pictures of my candy corns with my other decorations!!

Sorry that one is a little blurry...

My favorite holiday shelf! If you want the Pinterest directions, you can go here!

What crafts have you made lately?? 

Happy Friday!

September 9, 2014

Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips

So, Tyler and I have a thing for chips. We seriously love them. We really have to try to get a bag to last a week. Anyway, We have seen the Kroger Doritos (we call them faux-ritos) lately, and have wondered how they compare, because they are obviously cheaper, and we are all about cheaper. 

The verdict: they just aren't very good. I mean, they are still chips, but if what you REALLY want is a Dorito, then you should probably just get the real thing. 

Because I'm sure you were all curious about Faux-ritos. 

Happy Tuesday!

September 8, 2014

Butterfinger Muddy Buddies!

Hi friends! Lately (for the past two years) I've been a bit of an absent blogger. You see, I was working at a job that gave me a MASSIVE writer's block. I thought about writing all the time, but I couldn't ever get myself to sit down and write, and if I did sit down I couldn't ever get the right words out. Super frustrating. 

BUT... That leads me to this: I got a new job! I have a lot to do at work, and on not trying to sit and write all day every day, so my writer's block is slowly going away! Makes me happy! 

So what's new with me? Besides my new job and 5 minute commute? Not a whole lot, actually...

Tyler is still going to school. Sometimes it feels like he will be in school for forever. I think he feels that way too though, so I'm not alone. We are both beyond ready to be done with the school phase of life. Only about a year and a half left... We can do this! 

In the meantime, I'm just working, crossfitting, and making yummy treats like these:

Butterfinger muddy buddies!

You should probably try these muddy buddies. They are amazing!

I hope you all have a good Monday! And a good rest of the week! I'll try and do something fun and take pictures so I have exciting stuff to tell you about!

January 31, 2014

The Handwritten Post!

I sure hope you can read my handwriting. Let me know if you can't. Anyway, happy Friday!

January 26, 2014

I made a decision!

Remember the post about my hair? The one where I was trying to decide if I should cut my hair or not? Well, I finally made a decision! See:
Just a before and after! It's a bit different, but I like it! Sometimes I really miss the long hair, just because I really like ponytails, but change is good!