September 8, 2014

Butterfinger Muddy Buddies!

Hi friends! Lately (for the past two years) I've been a bit of an absent blogger. You see, I was working at a job that gave me a MASSIVE writer's block. I thought about writing all the time, but I couldn't ever get myself to sit down and write, and if I did sit down I couldn't ever get the right words out. Super frustrating. 

BUT... That leads me to this: I got a new job! I have a lot to do at work, and on not trying to sit and write all day every day, so my writer's block is slowly going away! Makes me happy! 

So what's new with me? Besides my new job and 5 minute commute? Not a whole lot, actually...

Tyler is still going to school. Sometimes it feels like he will be in school for forever. I think he feels that way too though, so I'm not alone. We are both beyond ready to be done with the school phase of life. Only about a year and a half left... We can do this! 

In the meantime, I'm just working, crossfitting, and making yummy treats like these:

Butterfinger muddy buddies!

You should probably try these muddy buddies. They are amazing!

I hope you all have a good Monday! And a good rest of the week! I'll try and do something fun and take pictures so I have exciting stuff to tell you about!

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