September 23, 2011

Time for another post already!

Time sure does go by quickly between blog posts. I swear I was just on here blogging yesterday, but it was actually a couple of weeks ago! Crazy! Life has just been pretty crazy, as always, and this last week has been extremely long. Tyler had three tests, and I had a ton of papers to write. At least that's how it felt at the beginning of the week. Now that I'm looking back though, the papers weren't that bad, and I would DEFINITELY rather write papers than have to study my guts out for a test. (Okay, I don't study my guts out, it's more like cramming the day before, but what do you expect? It's college!)

This last Monday I got a visit from my mom, Kelli, Payton and Austin! I sure do love spending time with my family. It's just what I needed. Since I go to a university that started out as a college of agriculture, it's only fitting that we have an "Ag Month," right? I thought so. This last week there have been some pretty amazing tractors parked around campus for part of Ag Month, so while my family was here, we decided to walk around campus to show Payton the pretty cool "trackers" (as Tyler would put it). Oh, I also remembered to take my camera with me! Take a look at the pictures!

 Austin is such a stud! Too bad he wouldn't smile for me. 

 Payton was actually willing to stand on the tractor! I was surprised!

I know Austin isn't looking at the camera, but this little smile was too cute to not post.
 Oh, I forgot to mention that it was national "Talk like a pirate day!" Hence the telescope that Payton is looking through. Courtesy of one of the USU Librarians.
 This really big tractor was a little too intimidating for Payton to stand on... Kelli -- you look great!
 We're behind whatever Kelli is standing on in the picture above!

 So big!
 When I say "really big tractors" I mean REALLY BIG TRACTORS!
 Kelli, have you ever though of a career as a model? Just sayin'...

 "Don't smile..."

Oops, there's a smile! 

This last week has been so busy, and I'm so grateful that it is finally the weekend. However, weeks like this one make me realize how blessed I am. I have a wonderful husband, and a great family! 

Happy Friday!

September 9, 2011

Little Letters

Dear Work, thank you for letting me make some money, but, will you please give me more? There are a lot of things that I want, but I can't quite afford them yet. Sincerely, The poor college student who wants a Wii and also wants to go on vacation.

Dear Time, Will you please go by faster? I'm ready for my weekend to start. Sincerely, The girl who is watching the clock.

Dear Food, Get in my belly, I'm hungry. Love, Katie

Dear Laundry, We meet again. Why is there always so darn much of you to do? I just don't understand how you pile up so fast. Sincerely, One of the people who dirties the clothes.

Dear School, I think it's time for another long weekend, can you work something out for me? Let me know ASAP. Sincerely, The girl suffering from senioritis (already).

Dear Running, I should probably visit you more often. Since the half marathon our relationship has seriously dwindled. If I'm going to do another half in June we should probably re-kindle our relationship. I hate to say it, but, I kind of miss you. Love, The girl pretending to be a runner.

Dear Dr. Mario, Can we please play again? I think you're fun. Plus, a little (or a lot) of competition is healthy, right? I just want to beat Kelli and my Dad again. Those are my favorite games. The ones against Shawn are pretty fun to though. I hope to see you soon! Love, The girl who is addicted.

Dear Tyler, Thank you letting me get a coke a few times this week. I know it's naughty, and I'm probably drinking too much. I'll try to get better. Oh yeah, thanks for playing tennis with me last night! I really enjoyed it, even though you can hit the ball really hard and I sometimes most of the times can't get to it, but thank you for being patient with me when I'm being a dork on the court. I love you. Love, Sweetie.

September 6, 2011

14 more weeks to go...

Last Monday marked the first day of my senior year of college! Most people have been sad that they will never have another first day of school, but not me. I am ecstatic! Not that I haven't loved all of the people I have met, and all of the experiences that have made me the person I am, I am just so ready to be done with school. The one thing that I've been doing for as long as I can remember. Am I scared? MORE THAN ANYTHING! I still don't think I'll really have to go into the "real world" until Tyler is done with his undergrad, which means I will have a buffer year to get used to not being a student. Anyway, I just wanted to post some first day of school pictures! My last first day of school pictures, oh my!

 Isn't he cute? :)

 Don't worry, I didn't actually wear my medal...I wanted to though.

Love him!

I have more stories to tell you, but they must wait for another day, or just later today while I'm at work. I know I've already talked about the half marathon a bit (at least training) and I'm sure you all are sick of it, but I'm going to give you more details about the actual race! Lucky you! Happy Tuesday!

I know I'm looking forward to the weekend already (crap!), what are you all looking forward to?