August 31, 2012

Summer 2012...

This summer has been absolutely insane!! I have a lot to tell you guys, and I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to write this. I don't even know where to start. After graduation, we had a a good solid month and a half to just play and be together. Like I mentioned in my last post though, I got a job! I work as a community relations specialist for a company called Concordia Communications! I work at Hill Air Force Base (yes, I drive back and forth between Logan and the base every day) and I do some writing for the environmental cleanup program! It is crazy to have a real job and to be able to afford life! Speaking of life, there are some even more things that we've been up to this summer! Take a look:

Right before I started my job, we went to Oregon with Tyler's family for his cousin's wedding reception. We were only there for a weekend, but we saw a lot of great things!

A view of Mt. Hood from the airplane!

 One of the many waterfalls we saw at Silver Falls!

 On our hike at Silver Falls.

 I thought the trees looked awesome on our hike!

 The Portland temple!

 Walking the streets at Cannon Beach.

A lighthouse at Cannon Beach.

We had a lot of fun in Oregon, a nice little "last hurrah" before I started working. My new job is going great, and I'm starting to feel like I know what is going on!

In July we celebrated our 2nd anniversary by going up to Park City and spending the night. A few days later, we celebrated Tyler's 24th birthday, and then two weeks later we celebrated my 22nd! July was a busy month for celebrations, but I sure do love it!

August has been one of the best months this summer though, and for very obvious reasons! We went to Maui with Tyler's family. It was a Christmas present from Tyler's parents that I mentioned in these little letters. We just got back last Friday after an amazing week! We saw a lot of fabulous beaches, a lot of waterfalls, went to a Luau, enjoyed multiple beautiful sunsets, ate millions of pineapples, and had a great time! Want to see some pictures? Okay, good. Me too.

Our first day on Maui!

The sunset our first night there.

 The view from our condo!

 The blow hole!

 Lunch break before we got our snorkel on!

 Snorkels are sexy, right?

 At the Luau!

 On our way up to the Haleakala Crater! (Summit was 10,023 feet!)

 Paddleboarding for the first time.

 Just a cool view on the Road to Hana!
 The Seven Sacred Pools

 Sitting on top of a waterfall at the Seven Sacred Pools. 

 A beautiful red sand beach in Hana!

 The best lunch we had on Maui -- Troy's! Only open on Thursdays. :)

Sorry for all of the pictures. I was just afraid that I would have another 2 1/2 month break from blogging and I would forget to post all about our trip to Maui! Hopefully I will be able to get back to the blog world soon to give you more updates about our life.

Oh yeah, Tyler is starting to apply for PT schools, so that's kind of scary. More about that later.

Happy weekend!