March 31, 2011


I feel like my corporate finance class is a joke. It doesn't matter that I have never missed a class, and it will never matter how much I read the book ... I now know that I will never understand this class. It is super frustrating that there are only four weeks left in the semester and I don't know anything more about corporate finance than I did before the semester started. You know it's an awesome class when you can't even figure out how to use the calculator. Life is awesome.

Now to look on the bright side! Tomorrow is Friday, it's supposed to be awesome weather, so that means we'll play some tennis! I'm so excited! I have been wanting to go goof around for probably two months now. I think I'm even more excited to play than Tyler is. Maybe it's because my mood improves a ton when the sun starts shining and it starts to get warm outside.

By the way, I do realize that there are too many words and not enough pictures in my posts lately. I'm working on it.

I know that I'm excited for the weekend, what are your plans?

March 30, 2011

Peanut Butter & Jelly

I love to eat. This wouldn't be such a bad thing, except it constantly distracts me from being productive. For instance, right now I'm at work. Work is fine, I sit in a computer lab to help people with their computer-related questions, and I help charge people for their print-outs. Unfortunately, I have a PB&J in my backpack, and that is all I can think about! One PB&J is not enough to quite satisfy me either. Once the one in my backpack is gone, I will just want another. Wanting to eat isn't distracting me from my lab consultant duties, but it makes it awfully hard to get homework done. So, what do I do? Well, I tell myself that I can't eat my sandwich until 3:30.Only 50 minutes to go. I can do this.

Maybe I should plan my meals better so I can stop thinking about the dang PB&J in my backpack...what do you think?

**Update: It is now 3:48 and my PB&J has been gone for about 10 minutes now.**

Now I think it is important to tell you what I think about once my sandwich is gone. I stare at the clock until it is time to go home. I don't know which is worse -- staring at the clock for an hour and a half, or thinking about my PB&J. I guess now would be a good time to try and figure out my corporate finance homework...

March 29, 2011

I failed...

I failed at my own challenge to myself. I failed to post something on the first day of my "post something everyday challenge." I even had the post all planned out for you guys (I'm referring to my few readers). So, I'm going to pretend like it is yesterday.

Welcome to Winter! (I'm pretending like that's the post title)

 So here's the deal, I have been wanting it to be Spring since, well, I think January. I need to apologize to all of you, because I am the reason it keeps snowing. Everyday I wish for it to be warm, and just to spite me, the weather sucks. I'll take the blame. It's supposed to warm up on Friday though, I'm crossing my fingers! If it is as warm as says it's going to be, Tyler and I will go play some tennis. I'll probably beat him too, because I'm really good. Not really. I just started playing last summer. I'm a dork on the court, but that's the way I like it! I can't take it too seriously, if I did, I would never play. I'll keep you updated, maybe a picture will come with Friday's post!

[Insert picture of snow here]

A Trip to the Beach... (Tuesday's REAL blog title)

A trip to the beach would sure be nice. However, the budget of poor, married college students working in computer labs doesn't exactly allow for exotic vacations...or non-exotic vacations for that matter. Since I've been wanting to go to a beach for a while, I set the wallpaper on my phone to a beach picture because I think that's the closest I will be getting to a beach for a while. Poor Katie, I know. I'm really grateful for everything that I do have, but living in Logan, the land of what feels like an eternal winter, really makes it easy to dream of someplace warm that is away from school with no worries.

We are now accepting donations for our exotic vacation fund. Just click here to login with your PayPal account. All donations are greatly appreciated.**

**This "link" is not actually a link to PayPal. This little bit about donations is just Katie trying to be funny (because she thinks she's the only one allowed to be funny).

I hope you have a wonderful day!

P.S. What are you dreaming about?

March 27, 2011


...blogging has been really difficult for me. I think it is because I am always trying to catch-up on what has happened over the last couple of weeks, but by the time I actually try to blog I can't remember the important things I wanted to blog about, oh well. I'm going to try something new. I'm going to try posting everyday. This is going to be difficult for me. They definitely won't be long posts, just a quick little story (and maybe picture) of something we did that day. It might not be very exciting, or else I might forget, but I'm going to try. I figure a little bit is better than nothing, right? It's time for bed though, so, I'll start with the stories tomorrow! Goodnight everybody!

I am Thankful For...

  1. My husband
  2. My family
  3. Weekends
  4. Netflix
  5. Cookies
  6. Ice cream
  7. Coke
  8. AVG Anti-Virus
  9. All of the files on my computer not actually being deleted from the billions of viruses that infected my computer on Thursday night.
  10. My bed/Sleep